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Schools ban cupcakes to battle obesity

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Another school district has banned cupcakes to battle obesity in the classrooms. The Edmonds School District in Washington has posted an announcement to warn parents not to bring sweet treats on birthdays or other special occasions. This is not the first school district to ban sugary products while encouraging parents to use their creativity to find alternatives.

Cupcakes banned in schools

The Edmonds School District has changed its policy for birthday parties in classrooms and has decided that parents will not be allowed to bring any type of food item to celebrate. Although teachers may still serve healthy food on three special occasions a year, students can forget seeing cupcakes, candy, ice cream or cake at these events. The school district indicates it is trying to discourage students from seeing food as a reward or punishment.

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The new rules will also affect fundraisers, bake sales and the items sold in vending machines. Other school districts have followed a similar pattern of banning treats while trying to encourage students to eat healthy alternatives. These changes are the result of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act which requires schools to comply with the new laws that set standards for all food served and available to children during the school day.

Alternatives to cupcakes in the classroom

The school is recommending that parents find non-food items as alternatives to bringing cupcakes or other sweet treats for birthdays. Although some parents are thrilled they no longer have to make cupcakes for an entire classroom, others are concerned that the alternatives to food will create new problems. Since food items are banned, parents may resort to bringing stickers, toys, school supplies or other products. However, this may put a strain on families who are struggling financially and lead to new competitions among students.

Image: Clever Cupcakes/Wikimedia Commons