Rotavirus vaccine shows prevention power

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The rotavirus vaccine has shown it is capable of preventing thousands of extra hospitalizations for children. A new study reveals that the vaccine may have been responsible for stopping 177,000 hospitalizations and is saving money in the process. The rotavirus is responsible for causing diarrhea in children and leads to 450,000 deaths around the globe each year.

Rotavirus vaccine as a prevention tool

The research, published in Pediatrics, examined the impact of the rotavirus vaccine over the last four years. The study mentions that the number of hospitalizations for diarrhea in children decreased dramatically after the introduction of the vaccine. Researchers believe that the vaccine is helping prevent almost a $1 billion in hospitalization and medical costs.

The virus is considered to be very contagious, so small children can easily spread it in a group setting. Researchers recommend that parents vaccinate their children against the rotavirus by following the CDC guidelines.


A second study supports findings

Another recent study found that the introduction of the rotavirus vaccine in Nicaragua was able to prevent diarrhea in children. The focus was on more than 800 children under the age of five. The information published in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal mentions that the introduction of the vaccination program in the area had an impact on the health of the children, and they would like the focus to shift to other viruses.

Concerns about vaccines

The vaccine debate continues to stay heated, and some parents are not getting the rotavirus vaccine. The CDC claims it is safe, but parents are reminded of a previous version of the vaccine that caused bowel problems in children. Researchers state that the new version of the vaccine that has been used since 2006 does not cause these issues and has been safely used in thousands of children.

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My child currently has undiagnosed diarrhea and has not been vaccinated with the rotavirus vaccine. Can I get her vaccinated after the fact and can/will it prevent her current diarrhea symptoms?