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Researchers find key to developing consistent exercise habits

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One of the most common problems for people who want to exercise more is the inability to stick to a routine and workout on a consistent basis. However, researchers believe they may have found one of the key factors that can help people develop better exercise habits. A new study from Iowa State University reveals that you can focus on specific cues and track them to build better habits.


Researchers found that specific cues help people form habits that make them more likely to exercise on a regular basis. The study, published in the journal Health Psychology, mentions that researchers tracked the exercise habits of healthy adults for one month. They found that automatic decisions were influencing their workouts. For example, a cue can range from seeing your workout clothes and going to exercise to leaving work and going to exercise. Another common cue that encourages people to exercise is hearing their alarm clock and doing a workout in the morning.

Researchers note that this is an example of an instigation habit, and the things people associate with exercise can help them stick with a plan. An instigation habit is a type of cue that works as a signal and encourages you to exercise. The time of day is a frequent cue for many people, but it is not the only sign. Researchers also noticed that people can affect their instigation habits by working out more frequently. This creates a cycle that encourages them to keep exercising and staying healthy.

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Scientists recommend that you find a workout plan that aligns with your needs and schedule. In addition, there are several steps you can take to make exercise a more consistent habit. You can get used exercise equipment and build your own gym instead of paying for a membership. Previous studies have found that people are more likely to stick with an exercise plan if it is easy to fit into their daily schedule. A home gym makes it easier to make workouts a regular habit.

You can also make exercise a more consistent part of your life by working out with a friend or family member. You can encourage each other to stay on the plan. Additionally, an exercise physiologist recommends that you use morning as your cue to exercise and vary the routine. He also suggests that you allow yourself to have a treat for staying with a workout plan. These treats do not have to be food, and they can vary from going on a shopping trip to watching your favorite movie.

It is possible to build healthy workout habits by focusing on cues and other important factors. Although it is not easy to stick with a plan, you can focus on exercise habits that work for you. Once you develop an easy plan to follow, your workouts will be more consistent.