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Reducing fibromyalgia pain with passion flower

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Have you tried adding passion flower to your diet to reduce fibromyalgia pain?


Passion flower, also known as passiflora and sometimes spelled as passionflower, combines white with purple and typically grows on a vine. Although it is beautiful and cultivated for its ability to brighten a garden, it also has medicinal properties that can help fibromyalgia patients. If you are struggling with pain and insomnia, then you may want to consider the following tips about passion flower.

How can you use passion flower?

Researchers have found that passion flower has several helpful properties. One study showed that it could reduce generalized anxiety in patients who took an extract that consisted of 45 drops a day. Other studies indicate that this plant may also help patients who suffer from insomnia, stress and pain. Fibromyalgia sufferers may benefit from using passion flower because it can reduce sleep problems, decrease muscle spasms and diminish pain.

A significant study found that passion flower can help patients who are going through opiate withdrawal. Researchers noticed that the extract helped treat the physical symptoms of withdrawal. Since many fibromyalgia patients depend on opiates and are sometimes forced to stop taking them, this is an important consideration.

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How can you add passion flower to your diet?

Fibromyalgia patients often find that making specific diet changes can reduce their symptoms, so adding this plant may help. It is not difficult to add passion flower to your diet because you can simply drink tea with it, and use it in other ways. You can find dried flowers that are already sold as tea or make your own version. In addition, passion flower is available as an extract and tincture.

Experts recommend carefully reading the dosage instructions on the extract or tincture bottles, but most brands suggest taking a minimum of 10 drops a day. You can add the drops to drinks of mix them with food.

What precautions should you consider?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then you do not want to take passion flower because it can cause issues. In addition, passion flower can interact with some medications such as sedatives, blood thinners and MAO inhibitors. You want to discuss taking this plant with your doctor before you start using it.

If you are struggling with fibromyalgia pain, then passion flower may provide relief. It is a powerful plant that has medicinal properties, and studies show it can reduce a variety of symptoms associated with illness.



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