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Red Sox pitcher Wade Miley mocks gluten-free diet and celiac disease

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Wade Miley is addressing questions about his statements related to the gluten-free diet and celiac disease. The baseball player claims the Arizona Diamondbacks pressured him to be on the diet, but he refused, and his decision became a frequent source of issues. Miley does not have a medical condition that would require him to be on the diet, and he felt that eliminating gluten was not necessary.


Wade Miley has been traded to the Boston Red Sox, but the Arizona Diamondbacks claim his refusal to accept the gluten-free diet did not influence the decision. Some sources state it played a role, and Miley admits it created animosity between him and the staff. However, in a recent interview, he mentions that they did not force players to change their diets, but dieticians were involved and suggested healthier options.

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Miley’s comments about the gluten-free diet have upset some members of the celiac disease community because he initially seemed to be mocking the need for the diet to exist. His statements about eliminating gluten not being necessary ignored the fact that people with celiac disease must do this to stay healthy. Although he has backtracked amid the negative feedback, he still managed to joke about gluten. Miley laughed about the possibility of Babe Ruth being on a gluten-free diet.

The Red Sox pitcher, who is 6 feet tall, insists he is healthy at his current weight of 220 pounds. He feels his current diet, which includes gluten, works for him and does not need to be adjusted. Wade Miley does not have celiac disease, so there is no medical requirement for him to stop eating gluten. However, other people do not have the choice, and athletes are not immune from developing the disorder at any stage in their life.

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