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Random drug tests planned for students in Florida schools

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Students in the Miami-Dade school district will be required to take random drug tests this year. The Florida district has decided to take this step after learning some students were taking steroids from Antonio Bosch. Although the district is only setting aside $73,000 for the new drug testing program, it hopes it will be able to find sponsors to increase the funding.

Miami-Dade school district wants to test students for steroids

The Miami-Dade school district is involved in the Antonio Bosch controversy, and students have been accused of taking advantage of the steroids offered by Biogenesis. Bosch also provided steroids to professional baseball players. At the high school level, the performance enhancing drugs were mainly used by athletes to give them an edge in school sports competitions, but the district is examining all cases of potential abuse. It believes random drug tests will discourage parents and students from taking steroids again.

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Paying for the tests

The district will allow $73,000 to be used for the random drug tests, but it estimates each test can cost more than $60. The superintendent, Alberto Carvalho, believes sponsors can help ease the issue of funding. Although some parents would prefer to see the money being used for other programs in need, the Miami-Dade school district insists it needs the drug tests.

There are several school districts in Florida that already have random drug testing programs, and other states have their own versions. At first, only high school students in the Miami-Dade school district will face the possibility of having to take a test. However, the superintendent has already promised to consider expanding the program in the future, so middle school students may join them. They are still working on the details of the program and hope to unveil them soon.

Image: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons