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Pete Evans blames autism on modern diet: Chef offers Paleo solution

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Chef Pete Evans has started a controversy with his comments about autism, but he has provided a solution. The chef blames the modern diet for causing autism and believes a Paleo diet can help reverse symptoms. However, multiple researchers and medical professionals have denied his claims while reminding parents of autistic children to be careful about statements that have not been verified through studies.


Pete Evans wrote a long Facebook post to explain his views on autism and the role diet plays in the condition. He points out that the Paleo diet, which mostly consists of meat, vegetables, fish and fruit, has helped some people feel better, but researchers argue that there are no recent studies to back up his claims. Evans blames the modern diet’s emphasis on grains and carbohydrates for making people obese and increasing the number of health problems. Paleo eliminates most grains and processed foods while adding healthy fats.

The chef often makes controversial posts on his official Facebook page, and autism is one of his latest targets. Evans follows the Paleo diet, so it is not surprising to see the chef promote it as a solution for the disorder. Researchers are concerned that his statements about diet causing autism will confuse the public and create more problems for families.

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Claims of a diet cure are often attacked by medical professionals, and Evans’ post has not escaped their attention. Although they note that some autistic children have digestive issues that can improve on different diets, there is no evidence that the Paleo diet is a cure for everyone. It is dangerous to make unfounded assumptions that may not help others. Medical experts recommend talking to your doctor about your loved one’s diet if you are concerned it may need to be adjusted because of autism. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of any change before introducing it.

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