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Painful intercourse and Premarin Vaginal Cream

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Premarin Vaginal Cream

Many women are concerned about menopause and the negative issues that are associated with it. It can be a difficult time for many women and can affect both physical and emotional health. As women get older, they slowly start to lose estrogen.


This can affect various systems and functions of the body including bone structure, sexual activity, brain activity and different tissues. In addition, many women can experience painful intercourse and the loss of their libido that affects the quality of their lives. However, today you are able to buy Premarin Vaginal Cream and help treat many of these issues.

The cells of the vulva and vagina can become thin and dry as women age. At the same time, the vagina is slowly being reduced and shortened. Because of these changes, intercourse can become painful, and many women start to depend on lubricants. However, women have other options, and it is important to explore all of the available information about treatments.

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It is important to remember that you may have different symptoms of menopause. In some cases, women may actually experience a higher libido. This may be connected to the loss of previous inhibitions. For example, some women’s fear of pregnancy may have been a previous inhibition. In addition, estrogen is reduced during menopause while testosterone, which is important for desire, generally remains at the same level.

The medical professionals at You! Drugstore recommend the use of Premarin Vaginal Cream. This medication has concentrated estrogens that come from natural sources. This cream is easily absorbed by the body. Patients can use the cream to restore their tissues and allow painless intercourse. By providing ample estrogen, you can keep the area moist and have cells that are thicker. Premarin Vaginal Cream should only be used for a short amount of time and in minimal dosages. Despite its benefits, this drug can lead to various issues such as breast cancer, stroke, heart attack and dementia.

In some cases, a natural treatment may be the best option. Doctors recommend regular sexual activity to retain muscle strength. Kegel exercises can help patients in improving their muscle structure. Women’s health and activities remain important during menopause. The proper treatments can help many women enjoy intercourse during menopause.