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New ideas to help you drink more water to lose weight

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Multiple studies have confirmed that drinking more water can help you lose weight, but there are still people who hesitate to embrace this simple diet tip. Many people complain that it is difficult to remember to drink enough water during the day, and they also dislike the taste. Sugary drinks and soda are addictive, so they choose them over a glass of water. However, you can learn to love water, and use it to lose weight.


Why water helps you lose weight

Water is a healthier and no-calorie alternative to popular drinks such as soda, juice or coffee. The Food and Nutrition Board recommends that women have 91 ounces of water a day while men should drink 125 ounces a day. This figure includes water from both beverages and food. Many common foods such as cucumbers, lettuce and watermelons have naturally high levels of water.

There are several reasons why water helps you lose weight, and one of the most important is that it helps you feel full longer. By drinking more water, you eat fewer calories and are less likely to snack. In addition, by choosing water over soda or juice, you are consuming fewer calories from liquid products.

Change the taste of water

One of the most frequent complaints about drinking more is that people do not like the taste of plain tap water or even bottled water. They may be used to sugary or flavored drinks that cannot compare to the blandness of water. Additionally, their tap water may be contaminated or have an unpleasant taste. The simplest way to resolve many of these issues is to find a water filter and install it. Some water filters can eliminate multiple issues such as odors and contamination.

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You can also change the taste of your water by adding fresh fruit or herbs directly to the liquid. For example, citrus fruits are a popular addition, and a simple slice of lemon or orange can dramatically change the taste of your water. It is important to experiment with different fruits and herbs until you find your favorite combination. You may want to consider slicing and adding strawberries, limes or kiwi. You may also want to try pineapple chunks and mint leaves.

Get creative with water

Most people think they are limited to drinking water in a tall glass every day and must suffer through it. However, there are others way to add water to your daily schedule that can hide the bland taste. If you cannot force yourself to drink one more glass of water, then consider using flavored ice cubes. You can add different fruits or use mixes to add flavor to the water before you freeze it.

You may want to try broths and soups because they have high levels of water, and the extra ingredients can make it easier to drink them. A delicious, spicy soup or warm broth may be more fun to drink during the day. You can strain and puree soups, so they are easier to enjoy in a cup or glass.

Other water tricks

In some cases, eliminating all of the other options can force you to drink more water and enjoy it. If you get rid of all of the soda or juice in your house, then you will be left with plain water. This can help you trick your mind into enjoying what is left. In addition, you want to keep water near you all the time, so you are not tempted to look for other options and can quench your thirst in a healthy way. Water is an essential part of the weight loss battle.

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