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New gluten-free pecan products could help celiac disease

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People on gluten-free diets may soon discover more choices at their grocery stores that include pecans. These nuts do not have gluten and provide several health benefits. Scientists are trying to develop new products that use pecans to help people with celiac disease.


A recent report from the Newnan Times-Herald reveals that several researchers are working on creating gluten-free pecan products. They are getting assistance from the Georgia Pecan Commission’s Center for Pecan Innovation and attempting to create delicious gluten-free alternatives for people with the disease. They are currently experimenting with various health bar and cookie stick recipes to find the right balance.

Pecans do not have gluten and provide an important source of protein for people with celiac disease. The Georgia Pecan Commission points out there are multiple recipes that include the nuts, and their health benefits should not be ignored. In addition to having a high level of protein, pecans are considered good antioxidants and outrank other nuts based on their levels.

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Previous research has shown that they may help prevent cardiovascular disease and help reduce cholesterol. They may also help people control their weight, reduce their risk of diabetes, improve their prostates and help prevent cancers.

Although most people think of pies if they hear the term pecans, these versatile nuts can be used in many recipes or eaten raw as a nutritious snack. They are an excellent addition to gluten-free fudge and can be crushed to serve as sprinkles on brownies. It is also possible to use them in shortbreads, but these nuts do not have to be limited to desserts. Simply adding pecans to any healthy salad is a natural way to boost the amount of protein. They can also be used as part of the stuffing for bell peppers, zucchini or pasta. Pecans can create delicious crusts for meat such as lamb or become part of tasty vinaigrettes.

Image: Quinn Dombrowski/Wikimedia Commons