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New gluten-free cereal from Nestlé is safe for celiac disease

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Nestlé has released two new gluten-free cereals, and both are considered safe for celiac disease. The Nestlé Gluten Free Cornflakes and Gluten Free Honey Cornflakes are being distributed to multiple retailers. They have been certified gluten-free by Coeliac U.K. and have six vitamins added to the mix.


People with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities are getting more options at the grocery store. Nestlé’s new cereals are essentially made with maize and sugar, so there is no gluten in the products. The manufacturer claims a significant amount of time was spent to make the flavor delicious and to ensure people with celiac disease would not miss traditional cornflakes.

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The new Nestlé cereal products are being launched in Europe with the U.K., Austria and Spain receiving some of the first shipments, but you can still purchase them if you live in another country. Several online retailers, including Amazon, have both gluten-free cereals available. You should be prepared for a slightly longer delivery time than usual, but it may be worth it if you are interested in trying the new products. In addition, Nestlé has promised that the price of these new gluten-free cereals will be comparable to regular cornflakes instead of the usual markup people with celiac disease see. In the U.K., some grocery stores are carrying the Nestlé Gluten Free Cornflakes for £2, and consumers are reporting that the products are available at Tesco.

Nestlé does not offer other gluten-free cereals at this time, but you will find a variety of options beyond cornflakes from other brands at most grocery stores. There are gluten-free cereals made from corn, rice, oats, millet and quinoa. Your breakfast does not have to be boring, and you can find cereals ranging from frosted sugar flakes to wholesome grains.

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