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Murder trial involves celiac disease and Munchausen by proxy

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Lacey Spears seemed like a concerned mother on social media who was sharing her son’s battle with multiple health problems. However, prosecutors claim she was secretly poisoning her child, lying about his health and sharing the deception on social networks. Her murder trial is uncovering disturbing information about her relationship with her son Garnett-Paul Spears.


Lacey Spears is facing charges of manslaughter and is accused of deliberately feeding her child a dangerous amount of salt. WECT reports the mother had access to her son’s hospital room, and prosecutors believe she used his feeding tube to add the salt. During his hospital stay, she posted multiple messages on her social media accounts about her 5-year-old child and frequently expressed a desire for him to pass.

Spears is accused of lying about her son’s health on multiple occasions. She claimed he had celiac disease, but doctors believe she was simply using the condition to get attention. She also blamed other disorders for Garnett-Paul Spears’ decline. Experts believe the mother used her son’s health issues to get attention.

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Some medical experts believe Lacey Spears suffers from Munchausen by proxy. It is a condition in which caregivers deliberately hurt children to receive compassion, attention and kindness from others. In these cases, the caregivers frequently lie about the child’s health and are willing to harm the child. Spears allegedly enjoyed the attention she received from focusing on her son’s problems.

Prosecutors have found that Lacey Spears kept a Facebook, Twitter and MySpace account to post updates about her child. She also had a blog, and she used all of these platforms to communicate her concern about his health. On the surface, she seemed like an ideal mother who was simply scared and worried about her son. However, prosecutors have discovered she was the cause of his problems.

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