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Mountain Apple Smoked Pork recalled due to wheat: Gluten alert

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Mountain Apple Smoked Pork from Kulana Foods Ltd. is being recalled due to the presence of wheat in the product. The packages are mislabeled and do not alert consumers to the wheat found in the soy sauce used to make the smoked pork. Consumers are being advised not to eat the product if they are sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease.


It is not safe to assume that all meat products are automatically safe for people with celiac disease because processed food can be contaminated and mislabeled. The recalled Mountain Apple Smoked Teri Pork was sold in packages of different weights, so consumers may see a variety of sizes ranging from .75 to .90 pounds. In addition, Mountain Apple Smoked Teri Pork was sold in separate packages of 5 pounds. The recalled cases have codes of 03414, 07214, 12814, 16914, 21114, 28114, 03713, 05113, 06513, 23313, 34513 and 09214. There is also a separate code that needs to be checked, and it is EST. 12445.

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The Food Safety and Inspection Service found that wheat was in the soy sauce used to make the Mountain Apple Smoked Pork. It is believed the mislabeled products were only sold in Hawaii, but updates are still possible for other locations. Kulana Foods Ltd. has not received any complaints from consumers at this time. The recall has been classified as Class II by the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

The smoked pork recall is an example of the common issues people with celiac disease often experience with soy sauce ingredients. Although there are gluten-free versions of the sauce, many brands and manufacturers use products with the protein. If you are sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease, it is important to remain vigilant about reading food labels and question the presence of soy sauce.

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