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Missing autistic man Tijuani Jones could be in danger

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Police and the family of Tijuani Jones are becoming more concerned about him and are asking local communities in Maryland to help. Jones has autism and disappeared last Thursday from Community Living Inc. located in Frederick. Although he has a tracking bracelet, it is either not working or has been removed, so the family has no information about his current location.


Police acknowledge that Tijuani Jones has wandered away in the past, but the 24-year-old is usually found quickly. His family estimates that he is generally located within two days or less. However, he has been missing since last week, and they are worried about his tracking bracelet. It is possible he may no longer be in Maryland, so police have expanded the search.

Tijuani Jones was seen at Community Living Inc., which offers training and job services, before he disappeared. He was wearing his tracking bracelet, but police are concerned he may be out of range for it to work, or it may be lost at this point. Jones was also wearing a sweater and jeans before he vanished, and he weighs 130 pounds.

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His mother, Lorna Wee-Ellis, is extremely worried about the autistic man and is hoping he will be found soon. Police indicate they have searched the city while asking other agencies to keep an eye out for Tijuani Jones. In the past, he has been found on highways and in other cities.

Children and teens with autism are not the only ones who have a tendency to wander away, and adults also frequently vanish. Families are left with the heartbreaking search while police try to help. In this case, technology meant to locate an autistic person has also failed. The tracking bracelet would have made finding the 24-year-old an easy process, but it has not been working.

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Image: Frederick police