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Millionaire mom who killed autistic son questions his diagnosis

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Gigi Jordan, who is better known as the millionaire mom killer, is questioning her son’s autism diagnosis. She believes he was abused by his father, and her lawyers are presenting videos of Jude Michael Mirra to show he was socially active and could interact with others. Jordan faces charges of murder after killing her 8-year-old boy with prescription drugs.


Gigi Jordan is accused of killing Jude Michael Mirra and trying to kill herself in a hotel room. The millionaire mom has stated that she was afraid she would be killed by an ex-husband, and her autistic son would end up in the hands of his father Emil Tzekov. Jordan believes he abused the child before their divorce, but Tzekov denies this.

Before the tragedy, Jordan dedicated a significant portion of her time to searching for a cure for autism. She sometimes questioned her son’s diagnosis, and now her defense team is using this to build a case against his father. Jude Michael Mirra was nonverbal and struggled to communicate with others, yet there are videos of him spelling out letters.

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Jordan allegedly struggled with loneliness and isolation as she attempted to raise her son. She believed her son was always in pain, so her suicide note mentioned she was trying to help him. She made the decision to end her life and his by taking large amounts of prescription drugs. Her son did not survive, but she was found in the hotel room and taken to a hospital. The millionaire mom claims she regretted her decision before being found and tried to do CPR to save her son. Prosecutors argue that she forced the drugs down his throat and showed no signs of remorse while moving money out of his trust fund.

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