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Mike Morse shares gluten-free diet secrets

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Mike Morse Gluten-Free secrets

MLB player Mike Morse has been on a gluten-free diet for several years, and he is not afraid to discuss some of his experiences. The athlete still has cravings and misses certain foods, but he has learned to adjust his lifestyle. He credits his diet changes with the ability to stay healthy and avoid joint pain.


Morse plays for the San Francisco Giants and discusses his gluten-free diet in a recent interview with Forbes. He reveals that Jayson Werth recommended that he avoid gluten because of the inflammation it creates, and he listened to the advice. After testing positive for gluten sensitivity, Morse started to make big changes to his lifestyle.

Morse had Werth’s commitment to staying gluten-free as an example, and he points out that eliminating the protein helped reduce his joint pain. He is not the first person to find relief with a diet change. An article published in the Rheumatology International journal mentions that cutting out gluten from meals helped a woman reduce her joint pain.

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The baseball player admits it is not easy to give up pizza, but he is not willing to sacrifice his health for a slice of wheat crust with cheese and pepperoni. In a previous interview with the Washington Post, he shared that he does not drink beer because of gluten. He tries to avoid the protein as much as possible and focuses on alternatives such as quinoa.

Mike Morse and Jayson Werth are not the only athletes who have removed gluten from their diets, and the two baseball players are trying to educate others about staying healthy. It is a challenge because many people are resistant to any type of change, but they have their success stories as examples to show them that a gluten-free lifestyle can make a difference in how you feel.

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