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Migraine pain relief possible with home remedies

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Migraines are debilitating and intense headaches that are characterized by pulsating and throbbing pain. Migraine attacks can last for hours, but there are home remedies that may help you prevent the headaches from starting and treat them once they appear. Your lifestyle has a strong impact on your health, so even small changes can help.


Researchers have discovered that exercise is an important part of preventing and treating migraines. A study from Cephalalgia found that migraine sufferers who exercised for 40 minutes three times a week felt better and had fewer attacks. Other studies have shown that exercise can release pain relieving chemicals in the body. You can purchase used fitness equipment to create a gym at home and customize your exercise routines to fit your schedule. Experts recommend moderate workouts along with relaxation exercises to help prevent migraines.

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Studies have shown that the herb butterbur, also known as Petasites hybridus, can also help prevent migraines. Research published in Neurology reveals that 75 mg of butterbur helped decrease migraine attack frequency. Lavender oil is another popular home remedy for migraines, and it reduces the pain associated with the headaches. A study from the Department of Neurology at the School of Medicine at Mashad University of Medical Sciences found that inhaling two to three drops of lavender essential oil helped 78 percent of the migraine patients feel better by reducing symptoms.

Diet changes can also help migraine sufferers reduce the frequency of the attacks and the pain that comes with them. Individuals react differently to various migraine triggers, so it is important to identify the ones that you should avoid. Foods that contain the amino acids tyramine or phenylethylamine are the most common headache triggers. Tyramine can be found in pork, chocolate, cheese, avocados, bananas and other items. Phenylethylamine can be found in soybeans, lentils, nuts, seeds, salami, eggs and other items. Many migraine patients report that chocolate, alcohol and aged cheeses are some of their most frequent triggers. However, you may react differently to each food item, so it is important to find your unique migraine triggers.