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Michael Jackson’s doctor accused of abuse by fibromyalgia patient

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It is often difficult for people with fibromyalgia to find a doctor who is willing to listen to their problems and treat the condition, so it is not surprising that Victoria Oliver made Dr. Allen Metzger her primary care physician after her diagnosis. She thought she had found a medical professional who would help her overcome her pain. Instead, Victoria Oliver claims Dr. Metzger sexually harassed her and acted inappropriately during her appointments.


Victoria Oliver has sued Dr. Allen Metzger, who was once Michael Jackson’s doctor, for damages and has accused him of sexual harassment. Her lawyers have argued that her fibromyalgia and medical state prevented her from seeking a different physician because she was concerned about the level of care she would receive. Oliver claims Dr. Metzger made improper comments about her body, suggested they close the door to have fun and touched her inappropriately during exams.

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Oliver states that Dr. Metzger shared personal details about his life with her despite her lack of interest in them. He mentioned that his wife was no longer interested in him and attempted to make her feel sorry for him. Oliver felt uncomfortable during these exchanges and adds that they have contributed to her emotional anguish.

The harassment did not begin immediately after Victoria Oliver selected Dr. Allen Metzger to be her primary care physician. It took years for problems to appear, and it seems that Dr. Metzger may have been telling the truth about his wife. Oliver’s lawyers claim she felt trapped in this physician-patient relationship because of her fibromyalgia and health. This is a common problem for some patients who are scared to seek new doctors because they worry about their complaints being ignored. If medication is part of the treatment plan, then it is even more difficult for them to leave due to the lack of a guarantee that another physician will keep their drugs the same.

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