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Michael Jackson concert tribute will be performed by girl with Asperger’s syndrome

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The Michael Jackson concert in Nevada will feature a young girl with a special talent. Falynne Lewing has Asperger’s syndrome and had problems walking as a child, but these issues are not visible once she starts to dance. The 13-year-old will be a featured dancer at the tribute concert in Reno.


Fans of Michael Jackson will be fortunate to see a young girl perform the amazing moves at Grand Sierra Resort during the tribute concert. Falynne Lewing does not have a dance background or training, and she taught herself the moves from watching music videos. Her parents were shocked to see her progress considering that her Asperger’s syndrome affected her walking.

Part of the autism spectrum disorder, Asperger’s syndrome can vary from person to person. Falynne Lewing has the commonly seen communication and motor skills issues, but she has been able to overcome some of these challenges. Dance seems to be her release and escape from the world, so her parents encourage her to do it. She traveled to California to see Michael Jackson’s grave, and her mother states people “wanted to see her dance.”

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Dance has been used as part of movement therapy for some children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome. It combines creativity with more structured steps that can be adjusted for each child’s needs. The goals of dance therapy differ from a typical class a child may take at the YMCA or another organization. There are specific movements and steps designed to create relationships and build social interaction. Mirroring is used during therapy to help the child, and sometimes voices are added. Although some children like Falynne Lewing are able to pick up dance on their own, others need this type of therapy and guidance to make progress.

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