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Michael Douglas reveals his gluten-free diet: Celiac disease unconfirmed

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Michael Douglas is the latest celebrity to reveal that he is on a gluten-free diet. However, the 70-year-old actor has not confirmed if he actually has celiac disease or gluten sensitivities. Douglas has dramatically changed his lifestyle after being diagnosed with throat cancer and has cut out alcohol, gluten and cigarettes.


Douglas states that he recommends the gluten-free diet and believes it is helping him. The actor says, “I’ve lost a few pounds from it already, and it supposedly helps your memory and your energy, and so I highly recommend it.” He also adds that he has been clean for five years and no longer uses cigarettes or alcohol. Douglas did not explain why he started the gluten-free diet, but he seems to have been motivated to eat healthier. Unfortunately, the actor has not confirmed if he has celiac disease or a gluten intolerance.

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Although Douglas appears to have benefited from the gluten-free diet and has been happy with the results, critics have pointed out that he seems to be another celebrity who has switched to the diet without a medical reason. People who are diagnosed with celiac disease are forced to change to the gluten-free diet. However, the diet has become popular among those who do not have the disease, and celebrities are contributing to the trend.

Supporters of Douglas are quick to point out that he does not need a medical reason to change his diet and has the freedom to make his own food choices at the age of 70. On the other hand, critics mention that he is adding to the growth of gluten-free diets being viewed as a fad and not being taken seriously. For people with celiac disease and serious gluten intolerances, the diet is not a choice and becomes a requirement.

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