Mascara warning from COVERGIRL reveals problems

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A new warning about a popular COVERGIRL mascara should not be ignored, according to beauty experts. A woman has claimed that the company’s Bombshell Volume mascara caused her eyelashes to fall out. Amy Schavolt stated that the product was very difficult to remove, and COVERGIRL now plans to update its packaging to give consumers a better warning.

Warning about COVERGIRL Bombshell Volume mascara

The popular Bombshell Volume mascara from COVERGIRL has been the target of complaints from beauty experts and novices. Amy Schavolt has shared her experience with the media and has explained she lost her eyelashes after using the product. Although she was happy with the results at first, the mascara was difficult to take off, and the packaging did not make it clear to use oil-based makeup remover that is safe for the eyes. Her regular makeup remover was not enough, and she had to wait weeks for her lashes to grow back.


Promises from the company after numerous complaints

Amy Schavolt was not the first person to complain about the Bombshell Volume mascara, and other users experienced similar issues with the product. However, the company is finally paying attention to the issues and plans to make some changes. COVERGIRL will update the packaging for the mascara to more accurately reflect how the makeup should be removed, and it will post videos online to serve as tutorials.

It will take several months before the new packaging appears in beauty aisles at stores across the country, so consumers may only begin to see changes in September. Despite the promises, people are still angry about the lack of communication that has left them waiting for weeks to see new lashes grow. They question why the company did not inform consumers that the Bombshell Volume mascara should be treated as a long-lasting product that requires oil-based removers.

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I fell in love with the Bombshell mascara after buying the first tube! Went to buy a second and now it's gone! PLEASE bring it back. First mascara in years I really love.