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Man’s heart spins in his chest after motorcycle accident

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A man’s heart spun in his chest after a motorcycle accident, according to doctors who treated him in a hospital. A new study from the New England Journal of Medicine reveals the man was rushed to the emergency room with multiple injuries. However, doctors quickly discovered his heart had actually moved after the accident, and they had the X-rays to prove it.

Man’s heart rotates in his chest

The man, who was described as a 48-year-old, had his heart rotate and shift to the right side. X-rays and CAT scans revealed the strange phenomenon, but the man was able to stay alert without suffering any noticeable changes due to the shift. Doctors determined that the accident had caused the heart to spin 90 degrees into the other direction. Although this type of shift is unusual, it is medically possible considering the extent of his injuries.

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Understanding why the heart spins

During the accident, the 48-year-old man’s lungs were injured, and doctors discovered that air had been building up in his chest. They were able to figure out the air had pushed his heart and caused the rotation, so relieving the pressure allowed the heart to return to normal. The man survived the ordeal, and doctors do not believe he suffered any permanent damage to his heart.

The unusual case highlights how accidents can have unexpected results on the human body and can still surprise medical professionals in emergency rooms. Although there are cases of people being born with organs located in the wrong spots, this was not a deformity. Doctors have checked and confirmed that the accident was responsible for the man’s heart moving within his chest. It only took 24 hours for the man’s heart to return to its normal position, so medical staff remain hopeful the issue was resolved permanently.

Image: Manco Capac/Wikimedia Commons