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Lose weight the fun way: Join a sports team

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Although some people enjoy jogging on the treadmill or running around the block, many people do not love running. However, there is ample evidence that being physically active is a critical component of weight loss. This should encourage you to try cardio workouts, but you can do them in a different way. You can join a sports team because it has become the fun way to lose weight.


The sports and weight loss connection

Many people still associate losing weight with running on an unforgiving treadmill. However, sports are actually better designed for losing weight and staying healthy. You can lose more pounds and get other benefits by playing sports.

Well-rounded activity. The problem with running on a treadmill every day is that you are doing the same movements over and over again. You are not giving your body the full workout it needs. When you play sports, you are able to engage different muscle groups and utilize your entire body.

Cardiovascular benefits. Exercising large muscle groups is more effective at burning calories than simply running in place. Sports provide many cardiovascular benefits, which play a major role in weight loss.

Increased motivation. Team sports can increase your motivation. It may be easy to skip a day at the gym when you are the only one that knows you have to exercise. However, it is more difficult to tell your teammates that you will not show up for a game.

There are multiple ways sports and weight loss are connected to each other. Once you begin competing, you will identify additional benefits. Participating in sports encourages you to watch your diet and seek out a healthier lifestyle.

Competitive sports worth trying

Unfortunately, all sports are not created equal in terms of weight loss. While any physical activity is better than nothing, you should focus on one of the following sports if shedding pounds is the objective. You will notice a difference in your weight if you make a commitment.

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According to one study, playing soccer actually burns more fat than running. The results show that playing two to three rounds per week with one hour devoted to each round can lead to health and training benefits. They include lower body fat, increased muscle mass, lower blood pressure and better fitness ratings.

However, the key to getting these benefits is to avoid injury. Although it may allow you to get rid of fat better than jogging, playing soccer comes with some additional risks. In general, foot and ankle injuries are the most common. You want to choose the correct soccer shoes and purchase appropriate equipment for safety reasons.


Tennis is another great sport for weight loss. Not only does it provide aerobic and cardio benefits, but it also improves your coordination, reflexes, speed and flexibility. When you combine all of these benefits, it is easy to see how tennis allows people to maximize their weight loss potential.

If you are playing tennis for the sole purpose of losing weight, you may find these tips helpful. You want to warm up before the game, play only with one ball to increase your activity and find a tennis partner who also wants to lose weight. Also, you want to remember that competitive tennis often comes with long periods of waiting, so you have to stay active. This will help you remain loose between sets and matches to avoid injury.


Swimming is a good sport for people who want to lose weight. Not only does an hour-long session allow you to burn between 540 to 784 calories, but it is also easy on the joints. This means you can still compete despite suffering from conditions like arthritis. You can search for adult swimming leagues near your home. Many recreation centers have leagues for adults who are just looking for some physical activity and social benefits.

Lose weight the fun way

There is nothing fun about losing weight on a creaky treadmill in a musty gym. If you really want to get serious about burning calories and want to do it in the most fun and engaging way possible, then consider joining a sports team.