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Kraft Foods recalls Velveeta: What you should do with the cheese

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Kraft Foods is voluntarily recalling Velveeta products in multiple states because of a risk they may spoil. The company has issued an official statement that explains some packages of original Velveeta may have a low amount of a preservative in them. If you are wondering what you should do with the cheese in your home, then the following guidelines can help.

1. Check if your state is listed

Kraft shares that the recall only affects 260 cases of Velveeta and a limited number of states. The current list of states includes Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin and South Dakota. The cheese was sold in Walmart stores, and consumer groups are recommending that people examine the items they have bought.

2. Check your Velveeta packages carefully

The company is only recalling specific packages of Velveeta Original Pasteurized Recipe Cheese Product that are sold in 32 oz containers. The UPC code is listed as 021000611614, and the time code is 17 DEC 2014 09:34 – 13:15. These are the only Velveeta items that are being recalled at this time, so other products in the processed cheese line are not affected.

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3. What can happen if you eat the affected products

Kraft Foods mentions that the products do not have enough sorbic acid, a common preservative found in foods, so there is a risk the cheese may spoil. This leads to the possibility of illness after consumption and potential food poisoning.

4. What to do with the affected products

If you have the affected Velveeta Original Pasteurized Recipe Cheese Product in your home, then you should not consume it. The company recommends returning it to the store for a refund or calling Kraft at 1-800-310-3704.

5. Pay attention to other recalls

Kraft has also recently recalled cottage cheese products under several brand names because of concerns about spoilage. The items included selected varieties of Breakstone's Cottage Cheese, Knudsen Cottage Cheese, Daily Chef Cottage Cheese and Simply Kraft Cottage Cheese. The complete list of affected UPC codes and dates can be found in the official announcement. The company has not discussed a connection between this recall and the Velveeta one.

Image: PeRshGo/Wikimedia Commons