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Kelli Stapleton talks to Dr. Phil about autism: Mom tried to kill autistic child

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Mother tried to kill autistic daughter

Kelli Stapleton has tried to explain her mindset to Dr. Phil on his show after agreeing to an interview from jail. The mother attempted to kill her autistic daughter and herself, but now admits she deserved to go to prison. She shares disturbing information about her daughter, her behavior and her reaction to dealing with an autistic child.


The woman who is known for trying to kill her autistic child is speaking out about her case. Kelli Stapleton agreed to talk to “The Dr. Phil Show” and attempted to explain the situation at home. She claims Issy, her daughter who has severe autism, was very aggressive and violent toward family members. Stapleton could no longer handle her daughter and was worried about her future. Issy was forced to stop a treatment program because of financial problems, and her outbursts were getting worse. The mother argues she was concerned about Issy hurting her other siblings because she would hit them frequently.

The mother points out that she wanted to die with Issy because she believed they would both go to heaven at the same time. She admits to plotting a camping trip for her daughter and herself to end their lives. Kelli Stapleton used two grills inside her van to create carbon monoxide, but the two women were rescued before her plan could be completed. She now regrets her decision and states she is happy they survived.

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Stapleton claims she is grateful Issy survived and warns other parents not to lose hope. She considers her situation as extremely difficult and laments losing her ability to see beyond the daily frustration and pain. The mother agreed to plead guilty to child abuse charges and will lose her parenting rights to all three of her children. She wants her story to encourage other families to seek help before committing a desperate act.

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This sick sick woman could of kept trying to get her help..You never give up on your kids and you certainley do not kill them or attempt to kill them. horrible mother.....
Melissa till you walk a mile in her shoes you should really rethink who your calling sick! You know how many times I wish I were dead so I don't have to live this hell or watch my child suffer. Im only human and im by myself with NO FAMILY SUPPORT , her daddy lives in another state its me 24/7 . Its severe multiple meltdowns daily. The constant anxiety of when she is going to go into a full meltdown over next. A airplane noise a noise of a fan a baby crying in public. You name it life is helllll. But I love her more then anything and I keep trying to find help and hope for better days but as she gets older the reality is each day gets worse. Melissa maybe you can donate your time and help give someone respite who has a special needs child then be so closed minded and judge others.