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The juice trap: 5 healthy foods that are ruining your teeth

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As more people make an effort to eat healthier, they are making juice diets, nuts and supplements more popular. However, did you know that some of these healthy favorites can be dangerous for your teeth? Many foods that contribute to overall health can turn into dental nightmares. The following five popular healthy items can harm your teeth.


1. Juice

One of today’s health crazes has evolved from casual breakfast juice drinks to a juicing obsessed culture. More people are turning to cold pressed juices and juice diets. They are trying to squeeze the most out of any fresh fruit in the name of weight loss, heart health and other health benefits. Juice can be a powerful way to boost your health, but one thing it is not great for is your teeth.

Excessive juice consumption has been shown to wear out your enamel because of the high acid levels, according to a recent report by Kathleen Nava at Food World News. In addition to the high acid levels, juice has a large amount of the well-known tooth enemy, sugar. As tooth enamel becomes weaker, the exposure to sugar can lead to tooth decay.

2. Soy Milk

Soy milk has become more popular and has been filling in for dairy milk in the diets of lactose intolerant people, vegans and other health conscious consumers. This milk alternative is now easy to find at many coffee shops and stores. However, a study comparing the tooth decaying potential of dairy milk and soy milk has revealed that soy milk may be damaging your teeth.

Soy milk is not a threat if consumed in moderation, but drinking large quantities of soy milk may be cause for concern, according to this article. When combined with common oral bacteria, soy milk can cause a drastic decrease in oral pH and increase acidity. This acid can damage tooth enamel. However, dairy milk does not cause any significant changes in oral acid levels.

3. Chewable Vitamins

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Chewable vitamins are a relatively new problem for teeth. The crunchy kids’ vitamin tablets have been available for years, but the new chewy gummy vitamins are a more recent addition. They have become more popular among kids and adults, but their sticky and sugary consistency can be dangerous for teeth. Although you think you are helping your body by taking gummy vitamins, it may be time grow up and take them as a pill. When you consider it, is it surprising that these candy-like vitamins are likely to give you cavities?

4. Almonds

Almonds, almond milk, almond butter and other almond items continue to fill store shelves. In general, almonds are not a problem. However, if you insist on eating them whole, then you create the risk of tooth damage. Almonds are hard, and they can crack your teeth. If you are going to eat almonds, then pick the slivered kind that you can bite through without hurting yourself or choose a softer nut.

5. Dried Fruit

Combined with almonds, dried fruit can make a delicious trail mix blend. Unfortunately, the dried fruit is just as bad for your teeth as the hard as a rock almonds. The process of drying fruits leaves them as sticky bundles of sugar that adhere to your teeth. Similar to gummy vitamins, dried fruits are more likely to give you cavities than their whole counterparts. After a dried fruit snack, your teeth will need a good brushing to eliminate stuck on leftovers.

What to do once the damage is done

If you have been indulging in at least one of the healthy items on this list, then you may have some tooth damage. Cavities will need to be filled, but if your problems are primarily cosmetic, then you have other options. Dental bonding and tooth veneers can both help to restore tooth appearance if you have discoloration or cracks in your teeth. According to Broadway Dental, these procedures, as well as tooth whitening, will improve the color or shape of your teeth, and these improvements can help you feel better about yourself.

As you examine your diet, it is important not to ignore the impact of food and drinks on your teeth. Even healthy foods can pose a danger to your teeth. Dental health is a crucial part of whole-body wellness, and a bright smile can be the first indicator of good health.