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Jenny Craig diabetes program reveals surprising weight loss results

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Jenny Craig Diabetes Program

Jenny Craig’s diabetes program has revealed surprising weight loss results compared to a control group in a clinical trial. A new study published in Diabetes Care mentions that participants were able to manage their type 2 diabetes better with the help of Jenny Craig. They lost more weight and reduced their dependence on insulin.

Managing type 2 diabetes with Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig has created a special diet plan for people with type 2 diabetes that has shown positive results in a clinical trial. The low carbohydrate diet came with support from the popular weight loss company, and participants were compared to a control group.

The control group received instructions and counseling, but the support system and specific diet plans were not included. The results revealed that the Jenny Craig group lost more weight, managed its diabetes better and lowered how much insulin it used. The participants lost three times as much weight as the people in the control group.

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Lower carbohydrate menu for diabetes

The researchers point out that the lower carbohydrate menu was responsible for the greater weight loss seen in participants. In addition to helping them shed the pounds, the diet plan from Jenny Craig allowed them to take less insulin and other medications. Some participants noticed improvements in their cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

The menu focuses on low carbohydrates, but it does not completely eliminate them. It includes three meals a day with three snacks that are portion-controlled. Participants are also able to meet with a personal counselor for sessions to discuss weight loss and their plans.

Sticking to a program to lose weight

One of the main problems that many people face is sticking to a program to help them lose weight, and Jenny Craig tries to offer support to encourage participants not to waver from their goals. Researchers point out the people who are successful in managing their type 2 diabetes are able to stay on a plan and not get discouraged.

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