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Jennifer Esposito marries Louis Dowler with gluten-free wedding cake

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Jennifer Esposito has finally married Louis Dowler, and their wedding featured gluten-free food from the couple’s own bakery. Esposito owns Jennifer’s Way, a bakery that exclusively provides gluten-free items, and focuses on organic ingredients. According to guests at the reception, their wedding cake was incredible.


Jennifer Esposito was diagnosed with celiac disease and switched to a gluten-free diet before opening her own bakery. She has openly shared her journey with the disease online and has a book about her condition. After becoming disappointed with the current gluten-free food options available for celiac disease patients, Esposito opened Jennifer’s Way. The bakery is a facility dedicated to avoiding cross-contamination while providing a way for consumers who are not in New York to order gluten-free items.

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Esposito was able to make her entire wedding gluten-free without worrying about contamination or paying for catering. Although most brides do not have access to their own gluten-free bakeries, they can still make their food safe for celiac disease at the reception. First, it is important to check local bakeries because many of them are aware of dietary restrictions and will work with you to make sure the food is perfect at the event. However, brides in areas without gluten-free bakeries still have options.

If you want to have a gluten-free wedding cake, you can try to hire a baker or attempt to make one yourself. The easier option is to purchase one online from a dedicated gluten-free bakery. Sensitive Sweets is willing to ship cakes across the United States and features flavors such as vanilla cream and strawberry. Erin McKenna's Bakery also offers cakes online, but you must add the frosting yourself, and Innocent Indulgence offers other options. There are more bakeries online that may fit your wedding cake dreams.

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