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How your clothes and jewelry affect your emotional state

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Researchers have discovered that clothes and jewelry are linked to people’s emotional states. In addition, formal wear has a strong connection to a person’s mood. Although you may not notice how much your outfit or jewelry affects you on a daily basis, scientists have found that your attire can reveal your state of mind.


A study from the University of Hertfordshire found that women’s clothing choices were being influenced by their mood. Researchers discovered that 57 percent of the women in the study would wear baggy tops if they were depressed. In addition, the clothing study found that women would prefer not to wear their favorite outfits while suffering from depression, and only 6 percent would put on a favorite dress. Researchers also pointed out that women admitted their clothes influenced their mood.

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A separate study from researchers at Columbia University and California State University found that formal attire can affect people’s minds. Dressing up can make a person feel better, but it also “enhances abstract cognitive processing.” This means that people are more likely to think in broad terms while wearing formal attire.

According to Pearls Only, consumers’ moods play a significant role in the jewelry choices they make. Both jewelry and clothing are connected to different emotional states. Donna Stellhorn, who is an expert in Feng Shui, mentions that “Jewelry and handbags also bring an energy, and therefore an emotion, to the person.” It is important to note that the connection between a person’s outfit and mood seems to flow in both directions. People’s initial mood affects the outfit they select, and the outfit they ultimately choose to wear influences their mood.

Researchers believe that changing a person’s clothing and jewelry may be a useful way to alter mood. Although it has been established that your outfit affects someone else’s perception of you, your own mind should not be ignored in the process. The outfit you select to wear can be an important indication of your emotional state.