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How pets dramatically improve your health

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Multiple studies have shown that pets can have a dramatic and positive impact on people’s health. They can improve physical, emotional and mental health. From reducing stress to improving blood pressure, pets are capable of helping their owners in a variety of ways. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) points out that an estimated 67 percent of all households have at least one pet, and they are considered an essential part of the family.


Reducing stress and anxiety

Researchers have shown that pets are able to decrease stress and anxiety in their owners. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) mentions a study that found couples who owned a pet had lower blood pressure and heart rates. In addition, they had less stress and were able to recover from tense situations faster because they owned a pet.

Becoming part of the family

Pets are often considered to be family members by their owners, and they can be important companions for those who are single or elderly. In addition, couples with and without children benefit from having pets. They can reduce loneliness and improve moods. A study mentioned by Scientific American and Remedy Health Media reveals that even spending a short amount of time with a dog could drastically reduce loneliness.

As pets become a bigger part of more households, owners are taking several steps to make them feel like they are part of the family. This is why being separated from a pet is difficult for them, so more pet owners are turning to devices such as the Vimtag home monitoring cameras to stay connected. They are installing home automation and surveillance systems that let them check on their pets while they are at work or away on vacation. This keeps their connection strong and helps their relationships.

Helping the heart

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It is often mentioned that pets fill a special part of their owners’ hearts. However, researchers have found that they are also capable of helping patients who are recovering from heart disease. The American Heart Association shares that pet ownership can decrease your risk of cardiovascular diseases and help people stay physically active. Other studies have found patients who are already suffering from this condition can still benefit from having a pet. Heart attack survivors were able to recover faster and lived longer if they owned a pet.

Increasing positive responsibility

If you own a pet, then you know that taking care of one is a big responsibility. Many families get pets to help their children learn responsibility, but adults can also benefit. Researchers have found that pet ownership increases positive responsibility and raises self-esteem in individuals and families. Both adults and children learn to become proud of their ability to take care of an animal. This pride creates feelings of success and accomplishment that lead to better mental health.

Helping build social connections

Pets can help their owners build new social connections by simply existing. Researchers note that pet ownership encourages people to take more walks and to become more active in their communities. This allows the owners to meet new people and build new connections. Isolation can be difficult, but pets can assist in the areas of emotional and mental health.

Helping fight obesity

It is clear that owning certain types of pets such as dogs or horses will increase your physical activity and decrease your risk of obesity. However, researchers have also found that any type of pet can encourage movement and help owners shed pounds. Pets require constant care, so their owners have to stay active by either exercising with them or simply cleaning up after them. In addition, activities such as shopping for cat food or taking a rabbit to the veterinarian can keep adults moving.

Pets provide a variety of physical, mental and emotional health benefits to their owners. If you are debating about the possibility of adding a pet to your household, then you may want to consider these health advantages as you make a choice.