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How to make juicing a natural part of your daily diet

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If you want an easier way to make juicing a daily habit, then consider the following tips.


Juicing can be a fun way to get more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. From busy professionals to exhausted parents, you will find more people are using juicing to supplement their diets. However, remembering to buy fresh kale and cutting up fruit into tiny pieces can make you reluctant to juice every day. If you are struggling to make juicing easier, then you may want to pay attention to these ideas.

Get the right equipment

The right equipment can help you make juicing into an easy daily habit. You want to find a juicer that is easy to use, fits your budget and is simple to clean. The reviews on juicercruiser.com reveal that your main options are citrus, centrifugal and masticating juicers. Citrus juicers tend to be the least expensive and can separate the liquid from the pulp in an effective way. Centrifugal juicers rapidly extract juice and are more powerful, but they tend to cost more. Masticating juicers squeeze out the liquid through a slower process and tend to get more nutrients out of your fruits or vegetables.

Use the right recipes

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From juicing to lose weight to increasing the amount of nutrients in your diet, you will find multiple benefits to getting a juicer and using it on a consistent basis. The key is to focus on juice recipes that will provide you with the health benefits you seek. You may want to focus on specific ingredients that are linked to positive effects for different health issues.

For example, if you suffer from anemia, then you can benefit from more iron-rich foods such as spinach, beans or dark leafy greens. If you suffer from arthritis, then adding inflammation-fighting items such as turmeric or tart cherries may help. This means you want to focus on juice recipes that include these ingredients.

Prepare in advance

One of the reasons why people struggle with making juicing a regular habit relates to not having enough time to wash, cut and juice the ingredients every morning. Unfortunately, fresh juice has to be consumed within a couple of days, so it is more difficult to make enormous batches ahead of time. However, you can still take steps to prepare in advance and make your morning juice routine easier.

First, you can purchase precut and prewashed vegetables and fruit. Although they tend to be more expensive, if you are too busy to deal with this process, then they can save you time. Second, you can wash and prepare the ingredients the night before, so they are ready for you in the morning. You can refrigerate the prepared ingredients in plastic containers or bags. Third, depending on your machine, you can line the pulp catcher with a plastic bag, so it speeds up the cleanup process. Fourth, consider freezing some of the extra juice you prepare. Although freezing can lead to nutritional deterioration in the juice, it can save you time.

Juicing does not have to be a complex process that takes up hours of your day. Instead, you want to focus on the right equipment, recipes and preparation strategies to make it easier. Soon, juicing will be part of your daily diet.