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How to keep your weight loss goals while sick

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If you are battling a cold or flu, your weight loss goals are probably far from your focus. However, you do not have to completely sacrifice your plans while you are sick. Instead, you may want to focus on getting well and making sure you are ready to shed the extra pounds once you have overcome the illness.


Focus on health

The most important part of your strategy should be to focus on getting healthy and getting over your cold or flu. It will be impossible to achieve long-term weight loss goals if you are busy walking around with a tissue box and have no energy. Your health should be at the center of your plans, and you may want to talk to a doctor about your illness. You may need to adjust your diet and exercise schedule while your body heals.

Follow doctor’s recommendations

Your doctor may give you specific recommendations about the type of medication and routine you need to establish to get better. You may need to take items such as sore throat medicine or other types of medications. It is crucial that you pay attention to your doctor’s guidelines and follow them. Your weight loss goals can wait as you get better.

Avoid the gym

It may be tempting to visit the gym if you start to feel a little better, but you may still be contagious. As a courtesy, you should avoid the gym until you are sure that your germs cannot be spread to others. In addition, intense exercise is not recommended while you are trying to get over a flu or cold. You may be able to do some light workout routines, but you should not push yourself to the point of dizziness or nausea. In addition, Dr. Lewis G. Maharam points out that exercise can raise your body temperature and make your fevers worse.

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Focus on your diet

You do not have to completely ignore your diet during an illness, and it is still important to avoid junk food and sugary products. Popular items such as chicken soup should not have a huge impact on your weight loss goals. However, turning to sugary, salty or processed foods while you are sick can hurt your plans.

First, you want to maintain a normal caloric intake if you can tolerate it during an illness. You may not have much of an appetite, so you do not want to force yourself to overeat. However, you still want to try to eat healthy food while you are sick to avoid deficiencies in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrients. Second, you want to adjust your diet according to your doctor’s orders, so you can get out of bed and back to your routine. Third, after losing your appetite during a cold or flu, you may find yourself fighting intense hunger pangs once you are back to normal. This is a good opportunity to remember your weight loss goals and avoid temptation.

Do not ignore immune support

You may be trying to eat healthier food, but will it help your immune system while you are sick? As you focus on recovery during a cold or flu, you can support your body by eating fresh fruit and vegetables that are filled with vitamins and minerals. You can turn to items such as spices, herbs and teas to help boost your immune system.

Remember your ultimate goals

For many people, weight loss is part of a larger goal to have a happier, healthier and longer life. If you are sick with a cold or flu, you should not lose sight of the bigger objective. You can return to your normal exercise and diet program after you have stopped sneezing, sniffling or coughing.

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