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How to improve your health with the right nutrition counseling

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What if you did not have to sit for two hours in a cold, crowded waiting room, so a doctor could see you for a few minutes just to give you inadequate help? Nutrition coaching is changing how patients receive care, and it can help improve your health. Kelli Shallal, MPH, RD, CPT recently shared her unique approach to wellness and nutrition.


A holistic response

Kelli Shallal is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Nutrition Educator who uses a holistic approach in her practice. She offers nutrition counseling and other services that help you achieve a balanced diet and lifestyle. The initial assessment for her one-on-one nutrition coaching sessions lasts one hour. If you have ever visited another doctor or registered dietician, you know their time is valuable, and they rarely devote more than a few minutes to each patient. However, patients need these types of long sessions to get proper care.

Shallal shares that her nutrition counseling focuses on multiple health factors and not just diet. Your sleep patterns, stress levels, exercise routines, medical conditions and other lifestyles elements are also important. They are essential for creating a holistic plan that you can follow long-term.

The importance of time

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Studies show that doctors are spending less time with their patients, and it is having a dramatic effect on their health. Many primary care doctors dedicate 15 minutes per patient, and some are decreasing this amount to 11 minutes or less. The limited time puts a strain on both medical staff and patients, so they are always watching the clock instead of focusing on a better health plan. In addition, patients may have a minor issue but still need to make an appointment in the office.

Shallal has a different approach that allows her to see patients through Skype, Google Chat or phone calls. She also uses email follow-ups to ease communication and help people. Although in-person appointments are an option, the ability to avoid an office visit is important for those with busy lifestyles. This approach also gives Shallal the opportunity to spend more time with each patient, which is essential for improving their health. Only a thorough and detailed analysis that requires time can reveal the problems that are causing the medical issues.

Follow-up and care

What if you did not have to settle for an impersonal receptionist at your practitioner’s office to answer your questions? Shallal believes that the follow-up process after a nutrition coaching session can be just as important as the initial assessment. She offers email support for a month and answers questions herself instead of relying on outsiders. She also sends an appointment summary with nutrition support recommendations and provides direction on supplements.

The impact of time on patient care should not be ignored, and one study found that it can affect satisfaction, chronic diseases, number of prescriptions and other factors. Everyone deserves optimal care from their practitioner. Shallal uses a different approach for her nutrition counseling practice, and the patients benefit.

Image from Pixabay.com and used with permission.