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How to improve your fertility with simple changes

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Have you considered trying these simple changes to boost your fertility?


If you are struggling to conceive and want to improve your fertility, then there are several changes you can make. This does not have to be a complicated process, and you may see results with a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle.

Focus on your weight

Whether you are overweight or underweight, unfortunately the scale can affect your fertility. For example, research shows that obesity can affect ovulation and the way your body responds to fertility treatments. On the other hand, being underweight can lead to irregular menstrual cycles. You may need to lose or gain weight to boost your ability to conceive a child. It is important to discuss your weight concerns with a doctor and create a plan.

Find a healthy diet you enjoy

If you struggle to get through your daily breakfast of plain oatmeal and milk despite knowing the health benefits of these foods, then you need to adjust your diet. The healthiest meal plan will not work if you cannot stay on it. There are specific foods that help improve fertility such as dark leafy greens, yogurt and lean meats, but you have to find the right recipes to make them work for you.

Stick to one medical treatment at a time

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It may be tempting to jump from one medical treatment to another as you struggle to conceive. However, getting multiple treatments from different doctors at the same time may not be the best plan. Instead, you want to pick one medical professional who can help you and try one medication or treatment at a time, so you can accurately judge the results. If you are concerned about the cost, then you can use an online IVF pharmacy to save money on the right fertility medications.

Adjust your exercise routine

You have to find the right balance to your exercise routine. If you exercise too little, then you may struggle more with your weight, which ultimately affects your fertility. However, if you exercise too much, then this can also have a negative impact on your ability to conceive. Research shows that vigorous exercise for more than one hour a day can actually hurt ovulation. Extreme and strenuous workouts can reduce the amount of hormones in your body and create irregular menstrual cycles.

Reduce your caffeine intake

You have to find an alternative to your beloved morning coffee. Studies reveal that large amounts of caffeine can hurt fertility in women. Researchers found that drinking four or more cups of coffee made it more difficult for women to become pregnant. You may want to switch to decaffeinated drinks, tea or eliminate the problem completely by only drinking water.

You can take daily, simple steps to improve your fertility. Your weight, diet plan, medical treatment, exercise routine and caffeine intake can be adjusted to boost your chances of having a child. It is important to focus on one item at a time and not be discouraged if results do not appear right away.