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Green tomatoes help create stronger muscles

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Green Tomatoes

A new study reveals that green tomatoes may be an important part of fighting muscle atrophy, and this simple fruit has been hiding a powerful health benefit. The research has been published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry and shows that tomatidine is the key component for muscle strength.

Why is tomatidine important?

Tomatidine can be found in the skins of green tomatoes, and it offers an important health benefit for muscles. In addition to making muscles stronger, it can help make them grow and prevent atrophy. Atrophy or wasting is a serious problem for people who are ill or elderly because they are capable of losing great amounts of muscle over a short period of time.

Researchers used mice and found that tomatidine helped them grow more muscles, but it is not clear how many green tomatoes a human would have to eat to get the same benefit. Nevertheless, the study reveals a crucial potential treatment that can help doctors fight atrophy in patients.

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How many green tomatoes do you have to eat?

Researchers are trying to determine how many green tomatoes a person has to eat to get the muscle improvements. Unfortunately, it is not known if the tomatidine can be easily absorbed by the human body, so the researchers are exploring various options. Additionally, apple peels have been shown to have similar benefits in previous studies.

It has been suggested that a supplement may be created that includes tomatidine, so people do not have to add green tomatoes to their diet. Since ursolic acid from apple peels also helps grow muscles, it may be combined with tomatidine for a potent mix and a new drug.

If you are interested in adding green tomatoes to your diet, then you may want to consult a medical professional before making any drastic changes. Fried tomatoes, salsas, soups and marinades are not the only ways to enjoy them, and you can also eat the produce fresh.

Image: Serge Melki/Wikimedia Commons