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Gluten recall of Crousset ground coriander seeds

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a recall of Crousset ground coriander seeds because they have been contaminated with gluten. The seeds were available at both retail and online stores, so consumers could have purchased them outside of Canada. Although coriander is a spice that does not contain gluten naturally, it appears that the protein was able to taint the product.


Crousset ground coriander seeds are being recalled because gluten was not labeled properly on the packages. The company has admitted that the “sans gluten” claims are not valid on certain items, and consumers who are sensitive to the protein are being asked to throw them away. The affected containers have date codes of 407XX and 408XX and a UPC code of 8 8313100255 2.

Coriander is a popular spice that is used around the world, and the ground seeds are often part of seafood or meat dishes. The plant does not have gluten, so contamination from another source must have affected the Crousset brand. People who are sensitive to gluten or who have celiac disease are being warned to avoid the recalled items.

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It may surprise people outside of the celiac disease community that a simple spice that does not have gluten naturally could pose a threat to someone’s health. However, cross-contamination is a serious issue that affects many brands, and Crousset is the latest one to recall a product because gluten has not been labeled correctly.

Crousset’s official website promises that all of its spice items are gluten-free, but the recent recall reveals that contamination can affect any company. It is important to note that ground coriander seeds are the only products currently affected by the recall. However, the company makes other spices and claims they are not part of the issue.

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