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Gluten-free stuffing ideas safe for celiac disease

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Stuffing is an essential part of the holiday meal, and there are gluten-free versions which are safe for people with celiac disease. Stuffing does not have to be made with dangerous gluten-containing ingredients. There are recipes to help you make it from scratch and store mixes for people who prefer another option.


Stuffing recipes vary greatly, but the basic ones can be made with gluten-free bread and a small number of ingredients. The gluten-free herb stuffing recipe uses white rice bread and requires a long list of spices, but you can easily modify it to include what is in your pantry. Another basic gluten-free stuffing recipe calls for sausage, but you can remove this item for a vegan version.

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If you are cooking the stuffing from scratch, you may want to remember these tips. Some chefs recommend avoiding gluten-free breads made from beans because the flavor will influence your stuffing. In addition, it is important to toast the bread before using it because the final product will stick together better. However, you do not have to be limited to bread for your stuffing, and you may want to experiment with recipes such as wild rice stuffing with dried cherries.

If you prefer a faster and easier option, then you may want to consider purchasing packaged stuffing mixes from stores or online retailers. Amazon and some grocery stores carry gluten-free stuffing made by Glutino, Three Bakers, Aleia’s, Mrs. Crimble’s and others. For an even faster stuffing solution, you can order the entire Thanksgiving meal from retailers such as Whole Foods. You may also want to check local shops and restaurants because they often have Thanksgiving dinners ready to go that may fit your dietary restrictions. It is important to check ingredients and ask questions about gluten before purchasing any item.

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