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Gluten-free snacks to bring for celiac disease travelers

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Traveling while you are on a gluten-free diet can be a challenge, so it is recommended that you bring snacks with you to fight those hunger pangs before you risk cross-contamination at a fast food place. If you suffer from celiac disease, then you may want to consider packing the following options with you. They do not require any preparation and are easy to store.


People with celiac disease are often forced to bring their own snacks while traveling because of limited gluten-free options during the trip. In addition to packing the snacks, you may want to consider bringing some napkins, plastic bags and condiments. These items may not be easy to find as you try to reach your destination, so plan ahead.

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Some of the most popular items to bring as gluten-free snacks are nuts and seeds. You can find a variety of prepackaged versions, and they do not need to be refrigerated. Vacation Rentals Club recommends selecting foods that do not require fridges because they may not always be available, and you may not be able to bring your own cooler to every location. Packaged cookies, chips, pretzels, bars and crackers are also popular choices, and you can find low carbohydrate versions that still fit the diet.

Small containers of hummus or peanut butter can be an easy way to make sure you have protein while you travel. You should also consider adding packaged pudding, fruit snacks and candy to satisfy your sweet tooth and help you avoid gluten temptation. Even your favorite gluten-free cereal can be packed in smaller plastic bags or containers and serve as a fun snack. It is still important to check the labels and ingredients on everything you pack but having your own snacks will make the trip much easier.

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