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Gluten-free restaurants in Dublin: Safe for celiac disease

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Dublin offers many gluten-free restaurant options, and you will find servers knowledgeable about celiac disease and diet restrictions. From bagels to pizza, this city in Ireland provides enough choices without gluten, so you do not feel left out as you travel.


If you are on a trip in this country, you will find a variety of gluten-free menus and products. DublinEscape recommends visiting Bewley's Oriental Café, which has 400 seats and serves 1 million customers a year, because it offers gluten-free options in a historic setting. The restaurant mentions that all the dishes are available with gluten-free pasta, and there is a special chocolate fudge cake without gluten.

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Dr. Sheila Crowe points out that the Irish population has a high risk of having celiac disease, and the disorder is “most common in the Irish population.” The dining scene in Dublin has responded to customer demands with a wide variety of choices. The Farm restaurant operates in two locations in the city, and it is known for having a delicious menu with knowledgeable staff. You may want to try the gluten-free fresh homemade soup of the day, Asian green salad or Spanish omelette.

Your celiac disease does not have to stop you from enjoying the classic fish and chips in Dublin. Beshoffs has this option and a separate menu for people who cannot eat gluten. From North Atlantic fresh cod to natural smoked haddock, each dish is prepared without contamination. Cornucopia is another restaurant you may want to consider because it offers gluten-free, vegetarian, egg free and yeast free items. In addition to having reasonable prices, the menu includes tasty soups, salads, pancakes, parfaits and other dishes. If you are looking for breakfast, then try the omelette of the day with roasted red onion, fresh herbs, oven roasted tomato and homemade vegetarian sausage safe for celiac disease.

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