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Gluten-free oats coming from Glanbia: OatPure promises no contamination

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Oats are a controversial topic in the celiac disease community because some people cannot eat them without experiencing problems. In addition, oats are often contaminated with gluten, so it is not easy to find pure products. However, Glanbia has promised it will have complete control over its oat production process to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination


Oats can be tolerated by some people with celiac disease, but this varies from case to case. One of the issues facing consumers is finding uncontaminated oat products that have not been produced in a facility with wheat, barley or rye. Glanbia Nutritionals, a company located in Ireland, is working to produce gluten-free oats with no chance of contamination.

Glanbia’s line of oats will be sold under the name OatPure, and it should be available in Europe in November. Consumers hope the products will spread to other parts of the world once the company sees success. The products will have less than 10 ppm of gluten which is lower than the U.S. standard of less than 20 ppm. The company has a new oat mill and has promised a closed loop production system that will not allow the protein to be mixed with the oats.

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The elimination of cross-contamination starts on the farms with the cooperation of workers who make sure the oats are pure. The entire production and distribution process is closely monitored to avoid gluten. OatPure will be available in several sizes, and the company claims they can be used to make recipes ranging from bread to cookies.

It may take time for the OatPure products to reach other parts of the globe, but there are pure options for people who want to purchase the product from other brands. The following list includes several companies that have stated their oats are not contaminated. Nevertheless, it is still important to read the labels.
Bob’s Red Mill
GF Harvest
Cream Hill Estates
Only Oats from Avena

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