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Gluten-free gift ideas for celiac disease sufferers

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Shopping during the holidays is already stressful, and finding gluten-free gifts safe for people with celiac disease adds another layer of worry. If you are trying to find the perfect present, then you may want to consider the following ideas. They are safe for people on a gluten-free diet and can help them maintain their commitment to staying away from the dangerous protein.


During the holidays, the gift sections of many stores and online retailers are filled with tins of buttery cookies and chocolate covered goodies that are tempting but unsafe. It is important to check every ingredient list and make sure gluten is not included. Although you could make your own baked goods, you can purchase gluten-free baskets online filled with almond chocolate chunk cookies, sprinkle cupcakes, square brownies and other delicious treats. Another option is to buy gourmet gluten-free baskets filled with multigrain chips, trail mix crunch, dried fruit and baked potato sticks.

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Gift baskets can satisfy their snacking needs, but you may want to consider buying new kitchen utensils for people who are recently diagnosed with celiac disease. Some households are not able to maintain a completely gluten-free kitchen and require two sets of dishes, pots, knives and other items to avoid contamination. In addition, people with celiac disease usually have to replace their toasters, mixers and blenders because of previous gluten contamination. You can help by buying these items if they are necessary.

Gluten-free cookbooks are available from many retailers, and Amazon lists several thousand options. From the gourmet chef to the celiac disease newbie, there is a cookbook perfect for everyone. You may also want to consider gift cards and gift certificates to restaurants with gluten-free menus such as P.F. Chang’s or Ruby Tuesday. Local schools and academies often offer discounts during the holidays for cooking classes, so you may want to check to see if gluten-free cooking is on the menu.

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