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Gluten-free food in Rome for celiac disease travelers

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The city known for its delicious pasta should not scare celiac disease travelers. There are many gluten-free options in Rome, so you will not be stuck eating cooked vegetables with rice while everyone else enjoys a hot pizza. Italy’s celiac disease association, the Associazione Italiana Celiachia, is a strong ally for people with the disorder, and sufferers even receive money from the government to buy gluten-free food because it is more expensive.


The gluten-free restaurant options in Rome vary enough to satisfy the pickiest eaters. Ristorante Il Tulipano offers a huge selection of items without gluten including spaghetti, pizza and pasta. Il Capriccio also has a gluten-free menu while the Caffe Universale makes its entire menu an option to be modified for people with celiac disease. If you are looking for gluten-free gelato, then the Grom chain of restaurants will satisfy your sweet tooth while carefully avoiding cross-contamination. You should look for restaurants and cafes that have been certified by the Associazione Italiana Celiachia.

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Restaurants are not the only places that cater to celiac disease travelers, and you will discover that many people are knowledgeable about the disorder in Rome. The city’s grocery stores and pharmacies offer residents and visitors a large selection of gluten-free items. You may want to experiment with the new brands while you are in Italy because the Associazione Italiana Celiachia has strict guidelines for labeling. Rome Escape recommends renting an accommodation with its own kitchen, so you can try some new recipes and enjoy new products.

Travelers need to be aware that the grocery stores in Rome are not their only options for gluten-free shopping. The pharmacies also carry large selections because food is seen as medicine for people with celiac disease in Italy. In addition, entire shops dedicated to food safe for celiac disease are common in Europe.

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