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Gluten-free diet backlash: Celiac disease news

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Diet trends often receive backlash from the public, and the gluten-free diet has not been able to escape this. Although it is recommended by medical professionals for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, other people have adopted it without having either condition. The diet has been called a fad due to its popularity, and the criticism is hurting people with celiac disease.


Critics of the gluten-free diet point to previous fads such as the low carbohydrate diet or cabbage soup diet. However, placing the gluten-free diet in the same category as some of the previous trends ignores the fact that it is an important lifestyle change for people who cannot eat gluten due to health problems. The elimination of this protein is crucial for celiac disease control because it can destroy the small intestine.

The Canadian Celiac Association recently addressed the issue by pointing out that it does not recommend gluten-free diets for people who do not need them for medical reasons. Although it encourages testing, the association reminds people that cutting out gluten before a test is done by a doctor can influence the results. If you are simply following the latest food craze, then you may want to reconsider it.

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Despite efforts from organizations such as the Canadian Celiac Association and others to educate the public about gluten, the diet backlash continues. There are increasing reports of restaurants, fast food chains, businesses and individuals questioning the need for the gluten-free diet and believing it is a fad. Meanwhile, celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel and Charlize Theron are openly mocking the gluten-free trend in public. Celiac disease is a serious medical condition, yet many people do not think it is a real issue and believe gluten is harmless. Education continues to be an important way to fight ignorance about the disorder.

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I find it ridiculous for people to embrace a diet just becasue its a trend. I personally haven't been tested for CD but know for a fact that gluten affects many people in many different ways. I also know people who can die if they eat gluten however, if they go to Europe and eat gluten there, no issue. Makes me wonder what kind of grains we are using here in America....