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Gluten-free cornbread recipes and mixes you need to try

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Cornbread that is gluten-free and safe for celiac disease does not have to be a crumbly, dry mess that is impossible to eat. There are GF cornbread mixes and recipes that taste delicious and will make your entire family forget they are free from gluten.


Although corn is gluten-free, you cannot assume that all cornbread mixes and recipes are GF or safe for celiac disease. However, there are several brands that you may want to try because they are certified gluten-free and are fluffy instead of dry. If you miss having cornbread with your dinner, then you may want to follow these tips.

Why you want to give gluten-free cornbread recipes and mixes a chance

GF cornbread does not have to be dry or have a weird texture. Cornmeal, which is one of the main ingredients in cornbread, is a good source of fiber. Since the gluten-free diet can make it more difficult for some to get enough fiber, it is important to look for easy sources of this nutrient such as cornbread that you can add to your meals.

The best gluten-free cornbread recipes and mixes

1. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix is sold online, at Kroger, Target, Walmart, Meijer, Fresh Thyme, Sam’s Club and many other stores. Made with whole grain cornmeal and sorghum, it has a rich flavor. This GF cornbread is also vegan and does not contain eggs or milk. It relies on potato starch instead of corn starch.

2. Hodgson Mill Gluten-Free Sweet Yellow Cornbread

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The Hodgson Mill Gluten-Free Sweet Yellow Cornbread is available online, at Walmart and other stores. It is made from corn flour and cornmeal, but the product is manufactured in a facility with nuts and peanuts. However, this cornbread is gluten-free and safe for celiac disease. Despite the name, the cornbread is not too sweet and has a delicious flavor.

3. Krusteaz Gluten-Free Honey Cornbread

The Krusteaz Gluten-Free Honey Cornbread is also available online, at Target, Walmart, Kroger, Giant Eagle and other stores. This cornbread has a rich flavor that comes from whole grain cornmeal. Although it is gluten-free, it is not dairy-free and may contain milk, eggs and soy.

Easy gluten-free cornbread recipe

If you do not want to purchase one of the GF mixes and follow the instructions on the boxes, you may want to try this easy gluten-free cornbread recipe. You can buy your own gluten-free cornbread ingredients without relying on prepackaged mixes.


2 cups gluten-free cornmeal
2 cups of gluten-free all-purpose flour
5 tablespoons of honey
2 cups of milk (dairy-free milk can be used)
2 eggs
7 tablespoons of melted butter or dairy-free butter substitute
1 teaspoon of guar gum
1 teaspoon of baking soda
2 teaspoons of baking powder
2 teaspoons of salt

1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Take an iron skillet and grease it.
3. Mix the cornmeal, flour, guar gum, baking powder, baking soda and salt together in a bowl.
4. Mix melted butter, milk, honey and eggs together in a separate bowl.
5. Combine the two bowls of wet and dry ingredients slowly and mix them.
6. Pour everything into your skillet. Bake until ready, and it is golden brown. Baking time will vary based on your oven and generally falls between 20 to 30 minutes.