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Girl Scouts sell gluten-free cookies to celiac disease customers

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The Girl Scouts are expanding their line of cookies to include gluten-free options for celiac disease customers. They will be selling two different varieties of cookies made with rice flour, oats and other ingredients. This year, the Girl Scouts are allowing members to sell cookies online, so you do not have wait for someone to knock on your door.


The Girl Scouts have two types of gluten-free cookies that are being sold by members across the country. The Toffee-Tastic cookies are described as buttery and contain toffee bits. Although they are certified gluten-free, they do contain milk and soy, so people with these allergies need to pay attention to the ingredient list. The Trios cookies are made with peanut butter oatmeal and have chocolate chips. They also have milk and soy in addition to being certified gluten-free.

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The two versions of Girl Scout cookies without gluten are being tested in multiple areas, and their popularity will affect future products. If you are having trouble finding the cookies, then you may want to try the locator available from Little Brownie Bakers. You can enter your zip code and find local hot spots that are selling cookies. Individual troops are making the decision to carry gluten-free cookies, so you may want to contact them to show your interest.

Although there are no gluten-free versions of Thin Mints or Samoas at this time, the Girl Scouts organization will be examining the success of the Trios and Toffee-Tastic cookies to see if the line should be expanded more. If you show an interest in gluten-free products and contact the national headquarters, you may help the process. Brands and companies need to be aware of celiac disease concerns because education is still lacking in some areas, and an individual’s feedback does matter.

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Waiting for Girl Scouts to come out with Gluten Free Thin Mints!! Thank you for the two varities you do have.
I have had celiac for 13 years. Samosa were my favorite Girl Scout cookies. Would love a gluten free Samosa cookie!!!!