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Get your weight loss motivation back in 30 minutes

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It is easy to lose your motivation to shed those extra pounds as you struggle through boring diets and hard exercise routines.


You start to doubt your goals and wonder if it is worth trying to lose the weight. However, you can get your motivation back in 30 minutes by following these simple tips.

Add a photo to your mirror: 5 minutes

You probably have a complicated relationship with your mirror, but it can help you get your weight loss motivation back. You may have coupled your self-esteem to your appearance, so the mirror is your enemy. However, you can change this with a simple adjustment to how you use the mirror every day.

Instead of seeing the mirror as the enemy that reminds you of the weight you still have to lose, you can use it as a personal inspiration board. Expert tips on weight loss motivation reveal that you should add a photo of the body you want to achieve to the mirror. It should only take five minutes to attach a picture and cover the entire mirror, and you can use one from a current magazine or an old photograph from your past.

Spend 5 minutes journaling your wins

You can find inspiration by using a journal and writing down all of your wins. What have you accomplished since you started your weight loss journey? You should write down every detail you can remember. Your wins can range from turning down an offer to eat a chocolate doughnut at work to remembering to buy more vegetables at the grocery store.

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Research shows that journaling has multiple health benefits, and you do not have to spend long hours to get them. By focusing on the positive aspects of your weight loss journey, you will be motivated to keep going. In addition, writing in a journal can help you see how to solve problems and figure out the next steps you must take to lose weight.

Find an accountability partner: 10 minutes

After spending five minutes making changes to your mirror and another five minutes on your journal, you should devote 10 minutes to find an accountability partner. You want to go through your contact list and think of friends who are also trying to lose weight. Would they be willing to become partners, so you can support each other on the weight loss journey?

If you do not have any close friends or family members who can be your accountability partners, then you may want to explore weight loss groups on social media. You may find new friends who can help you stay on track as you shed pounds. You do not have to live near the person to benefit from his or her help. You can support each other through emails, phone calls, messages and other technology. Accountability partners can be more powerful and helpful than mentors because they can put the right amount of pressure on you.

Hunt down new recipes: 10 minutes

A new recipe can help inspire you to keep losing weight and try new healthy food. It can get boring to cook the same recipes every night, and you are probably tired of steamed vegetables. Instead, you want to search for new recipes that fit your diet but have unusual ingredients or require you to try something new. You may also want to look for recipes that have new combinations of herbs and spices to make your chicken and rice taste better.

You can get your weight loss motivation back with these simple tips in 30 minutes. You want to make your weight loss journey easier and more fun. You also want to keep going despite the challenges and obstacles that may be in your way.

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My next chapter in life is getting control over my weight. I have been trying to lose weight for sometime now. And nothing seems to help, but maybe using a weight loss journal anything is possible..