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Get rid of sugar cravings with these inexpensive tips

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Sugar cravings can destroy your diet and make losing weight an annoying challenge. It is hard to ignore them, difficult to eat around them and impossible to escape the impact of the extra calories. However, you do not need to invest an enormous amount of time or money to fight your sugar cravings. The following tips are inexpensive, easy to follow and will help you control the sugar monster.

Drink a glass of water

If you are trying to overcome a sugar craving, then drinking a glass of water should be your first step. Water has multiple health benefits and can make you feel full. It is an inexpensive way to combat cravings that is available in many locations and is a no-calorie option. In addition, mild dehydration can often masquerade as hunger pangs, so drinking water may help you eliminate this issue.

Wear vanilla lotion

This may seem like an unusual choice, but researchers have found that the scent of vanilla can help you fight sugar cravings. A study from St. George’s Hospital revealed that participants who wore a skin patch with vanilla fragrance were able to lose more weight and reduce their cravings for sugar. Compared to study participants who received a lemon skin patch or placebo patch, the ones who wore vanilla lost a significant amount of weight. You can try this experiment at home with inexpensive vanilla lotion.

Eat plain peanut butter

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If you are having trouble resisting the chocolate doughnut or candy bar, then you may want to eat peanut butter instead. A study from Purdue University and the Federal University of Vicosa found that plain peanut butter could help control cravings for 12 hours. You can add peanut butter or peanuts to your diet, and researchers recommend doing it in the morning.

It is important to use plain peanut butter instead of the flavored options or the versions that come with jelly inside the jar. Otherwise, you are simply adding hidden sugar and not helping your cravings. Researchers noticed positive results from 1.5 ounces of peanuts or 3 tablespoons of peanut butter in the morning. The reason why peanuts work is because they help you feel full by affecting a hormone and by reducing blood sugar spikes.

Get 96 more minutes of sleep

Getting 96 extra minutes of sleep can help you curb sugar cravings, and it is a free way to lose weight. One study found that sleep deprivation increased the chances of participants eating more junk food and sugary snacks. However, if the same study participants slept an extra 96 minutes a night, then they were less likely to turn to sugar.

They were able to reduce their cravings by 62 percent with a simple adjustment to their sleep patterns. Researchers recommend going to bed earlier, turning off all phones or TVs and making your bedroom a sanctuary. An extra 96 minutes can help you have more energy in the morning and avoid the temptation of the coffee cake at the café. The study participants reported that their hunger and cravings were dramatically reduced with more sleep.

You do not have to invest in expensive diet books, exotic fruits or supplements to eliminate your sugar cravings. These simple tips are easy to add to most lifestyles and can make a remarkable difference. You simply have to make a commitment to fight your sugar cravings instead of giving in each time they occur.

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