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Food prices rise while Americans spend less than other countries

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Food prices

Recent reports indicate that food prices are rising in the United States and exceeding the inflation rate. However, research from the USDA reveals that Americans spend less money on food than people in other countries. In the U.S., Americans only spend 6.6 percent of their budget on groceries, but this number is significantly higher in other parts of the world.

Food budgets and health

There is growing concern about the surge in food prices across the U.S. with some items such as meat increasing by 10 percent or more within the last year. However, Americans still spend a smaller part of their budget to purchase food compared to others. While people in the U.S. use 6.6 percent of their budget on food, people in France spend 13.2 percent, and people in Cameroon spend 45.9 percent. These differences can be explained by varying income levels and prices.

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Health is tied to food budgets and spending, and countries that have higher percentages of spending also tend to have higher rates of malnutrition. Since purchasing food is a bigger portion of their budgets, any type of negative income or budget change can have a disastrous impact on their health.

Food prices increase in the U.S.

Food prices are increasing on specific items in the U.S., and the rise is not the same for each product you may find in a grocery store. For example, the cost of a bag of sugar has not changed dramatically, but the cost of a fresh tomato has grown significantly in several years. This has created concerns about weight gain and long-term problems because the cheaper items tend to be less healthy. Despite spending less of a budget at the grocery store, there are important issues to consider. The items in your cart will have a lasting impact on your health, so making the right choices matters.

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