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Finding gluten-free food in Amsterdam for celiac disease

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It is not always easy to find gluten-free meals while you are traveling abroad. However, Amsterdam has many options that can help people with celiac disease. From grocery stores that carry gluten-free food to restaurants with gluten-free menus, you will find a way to survive and avoid the protein.


Restaurants in Amsterdam can cater to dietary restrictions, but you have to visit the right ones. One of the most popular chains is Bagels & Beans because it offers gluten-free bagels. If you are craving pizza while visiting the city, then consider stopping by De Italiaan for their version that is baked in a separate oven to avoid cross-contamination. Brasserie Klokspijs is another option to consider because it offers a separate menu for people with gluten sensitivities.

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If you are staying in Amsterdam for an extended period of time, you may want to rent your own apartment or condominium and do your own cooking to avoid contamination with gluten. AmsterdamStay gives you the freedom to have your own space with a kitchen. Cooking in a rental will require shopping for gluten-free food, and the city has several options. Stores like Albert Heijn have special sections for gluten-free items, and you can also visit the De Glutenvrije Winkel or gluten-free shop to get more products.

Amsterdam gives travelers many food choices, so you do not have to feel deprived on a gluten-free diet. From delicious pancakes to decadent cakes, the city offers visitors with celiac disease a way to control their diet. However, it is still important to ask questions and find out the ingredients of the items you are eating. If you are having trouble communicating, then consider getting translation apps for your smartphone or bringing physical translation cards with you as you travel.

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And please don't forget to ask if restaurants fry their snacks (read: breaded materials, like kroketten or fricandellen) in the same oil as the french fries, wether or not they re-use filtered oil, AND wether they filter all the oil in the same filter. If they say yes to any if these 3 questions, get out... It will not be safe for celiacs. Sadly, one of the safest options is McDonalds: they are experimenting with GF bread in a number of outlets (joint action with the Dutch celiac ass. ) and their fries are GF for sure. Of course REAL Dutch fries are waaaaay better than those McD-things...if you can find them GF!