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Fighting diabetes with oregano and rosemary

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Rosemary and Oregano for Diabetes

A new study reveals that herbs can be added as a powerful tool to help people fight diabetes. The research, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, mentions that oregano and rosemary are capable of stopping an important enzyme linked to the disease. Scientists have discovered that the herbs contain compounds that are similar in their abilities to the ones found in medications.

Oregano and rosemary

Oregano and rosemary are already popular herbs in the cooking world, and researchers know they contain antioxidants. However, the latest health news reveals that they may also be useful for fighting diabetes. Researchers focused on Greek oregano, rosemary, Mexican oregano and marjoram. The results of the study uncovered important tips for consumers who may be interested in adding these herbs to their diet as a natural way to battle the disease.

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The researchers compared herbs from a greenhouse to the commercial alternatives and discovered there was a significant difference. As expected, the herbs grown in a greenhouse had more antioxidants. However, the ability of the herbs to fight diabetes through inhibiting an enzyme was not affected by the source, but they found that commercial extracts were the best choices.

Diet and prescription medications

Researchers are warning people who take prescription medications for diabetes not to stop their routines without consulting a medical professional. Although controlling their diet is an important part of managing the disease, they must be careful as they pursue new options. The new research shows promise because the compounds in the herbs appear to mimic prescription drugs used to fight diabetes, but switching to oregano and rosemary without talking to a doctor first can have devastating consequences. Some prescription medications require patients to use a special approach before they can be changed or removed from their lives.

Oregano and rosemary are not difficult to add to a diet and are popular herbs in many recipes. From marinades to dipping oils, they can be a great addition in any kitchen. They can be added to salads, sauces, meat and other items. Although the Mediterranean diet uses these herbs extensively, it is not the only one that has discovered their power. More people are adding fresh and dried herbs to their meals, so finding oregano and rosemary in a store should not be difficult. It is also possible to purchase in bulk and freeze fresh herbs and enjoy them throughout the year without spending more money.

Image: Rainer Zenz/Wikimedia Commons